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Test service and documentation

Legislation requires: Companies to repeatedly check tools, such as ladders and step stools, to ensure that they are in good condition and ensure that these products are kept that way.

With our testing service, we carry out a full stock-take, labelling and inventory listing of your products. Each tested product is given an inspection sticker after a successful test. We also issue all test documentation and you receive all the test paperwork for your records.

With all tests, we take care - where necessary - of the repair and replacement of wear and tear parts and spare parts to achieve technically perfect products and devices that comply with regulations.. All tests are carried out by professional Munk Service personnel either directly at your premises or at ours. Alternatively, we will direct you to one of our certified service partners near you.

The benefits for you

  • Outsourcing of the tests means virtually no internal outlay for you
  • Proof of the tests having been completed for authorities and insurance companies
  • Comprehensive documentation of the results in a test log
  • Immediate performance of minor repairs
  • Quote preparation in the event of larger repairs being necessary, as well as the procurement of replacements
  • Responses to further questions and advice directly at your premises

Portfolio of services

  • Routine inspection of ladders and step stools from the following categories:
    • Straight ladders
    • Double-sided ladders
    • Push-up extension ladders
    • Rope-extension ladders
    • Multi-purpose ladders
    • Hinged ladders
    • Multi-function ladders
    • Special-purpose ladders (e.g. window cleaner’s or fruit tree ladders)
    • Telescopic ladders
    • Scaling ladders
    • Platform ladders
    • Hanging ladders
    • Shelf ladders
    • Step stools and work platforms
    • Non-standard ladders and non-standard step stools
  • Checking of components and function of small and mobile scaffolding
  • Routine inspection of:
    • Special constructions, such as work platforms
    • Vertical ladders
    • Mast ladders
    • Guided type fall arrester (fall protection)
    • Personal protective equipment to prevent falling
  • Inspection of ladders and step stools from all manufacturers