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We offer you our assembly service to ensure that high-quality access technology is also safe access technology. Professional and expert assembly is crucial for quality, longevity and safety. All our assembly work is carried out by skilled Munk Service personnel or by one of our certified service partners local to you.

Our services

  • Assembly of special designs for commercial vehicles and rail vehicles, aviation, industrial installations of all kinds, outdoor facilities and buildings: working platforms, platform ladders, maintenance platforms, walkway systems, stairs, roof working structures, docking systems, tanker ladders, bridging steps, system railings and many more.
  • Assembly of single and multi-flight versions of vertical ladders: as fixed ladders on buildings (DIN 18799-1), mechanical systems (DIN EN ISO 14122-4), as emergency ladder systems (DIN 14094-1)
  • Assembly of shaft ladders, single-rail ladders and fall protection
  • Assembly of shelf ladders: hanging, mobile, sliding, rotating, with rail system

The benefits for you

You benefit three times over thanks to:

  • Safe and technically correct assembly
  • Fast commissioning
  • Cost-effective assembly